Thriving Orphanages create happy children
Sustainable, Thriving Orphanages create happy children
Education opens new opportunities
Education opens new opportunities
Reading and learning about our world
Reading and learning about our world
Water = Life. Clean water guarantees a healthy, sustainable life
Water = Life. Clean water guarantees a healthy, sustainable life
Thank you to all of those who have partneredwith Just One!
Thank you to all of those who have partnered with Just One!
Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean water... where mothers can provide safe water to their children... where sickness doesn't rob those children of their education and childhood.
We can reduce water-borne illnesses, start by saving Just One!

2015 Accomplishments...

An amazing work is being done thanks to your partnership with us!

We recently returned home from our fantastic team trip to Kenya. Because of your generosity and you saying YES to being a Just One Africa supporter, here are some amazing projects we were able to partner with our local leaders on:

  • Distributed 400 water filters - the most ever on a single trip!!! That equals 400 million gallons of clean, safe water for 10,000 people! How awesome is that?
  • Served over 1,200 people at three free medical clinics and provided food for the duration of the medication (Medicine + Food + Clean Water = Healthy Bodies)
  • Completed construction and dedicated a new education/community building at Lenkai Christian School in Loitoktok. Kenyans know how to party and celebrate with much thanksgiving bringing all of the community together - government, parents, local tribal leaders, and friends. (Sustainability Project)
  • Brought food, medical relief and hope in Obunga Slum to some families with extremely sick family members (A day our team will never forget)
  • Conducted Follow Up on water filters that had previously been distributed in the Obunga Slums (Nursery and primary schools and individual huts - 100% filter working and providing clean, safe water with drastic reduction in sickness and diseases. We can not express how life changing this is for these communities!)
  • Checked the ongoing progress of the Bakery Project in Bondo that brings in sustainable income for the orphanage and provides food for the orphans (They sell out everyday and are looking to increase production as the market is growing)
  • Inspected the finishing of cement outside and inside at the large multipurpose school/church/community building in Bondo. (Being used weekly for widow and sustainability training)
  • Distributed Hygiene Kits to the girls at the Rescue Center in Loitoktok and partnered with Margaret, a Health Education Officer, who thoughtfully trained them in women's health. We made sure to communicate how incredibly valuable they are to us and their community. These kits will allow them to stay in school and advance their education providing key opportunities for a future filled with hope!
  • Gathered key information for future projects and invested in our local leaders with our time, talent, and treasure. These are the true hero's and we are honored to serve alongside them!

We also spent a lot of time listening to the dreams these local leaders had for the future of their communities and together we strategized different sustainable solutions to get them there! We are excited about the future of Just One: Africa and all the world change that we have been able to be a part of! It takes JUST ONE!

There is so much more to share and we look forward to continuing to tell you more stories of how your partnership is creating sustainable change for others in Kenya! We couldn't have done this without you. We are so thankful to have such great supporters and visionary friends here in the states that care enough to see change for women, children, and families in Kenya!

Thank you once again, feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

I can change the world

The I AM ONE campaign is about being a solution. It is designed to empower you to be the change.  Read More

LexisNexis Partners with Just One Africa

LexisNexis showcasing the global impact of Just One: Africa from Just One: Africa on Vimeo.

Recent Pictures

One of our founders, Amy Churchill, with a recipient of a life saving water filter.
Mama Phoebe has a BIG heart for her country and such vision to help them become the best they can be!
Imagine drinking the water on the right. These filters take that water and make it safe and clear.
Our Founder, Clay Churchill, with a few of his favorite friends.

What if?

Just One Africa partners with local leaders to create sustainable solutions for vulnerable children and the clean water crisis.

The heart of Just One is to help orphans and widows lead self-sustaining lives by helping provide them with the basic necessities of life: food, water, clothing, shelter and education. These are things that are easily accessible to most of us, but not to many orphans and widows in some parts of the world.

Just as importantly, we also strive to provide them with hope — in the midst of what often appear to be hopeless situations.

Just One was birthed out of a visit by the founders to Kenya in 2012. Our hearts became burdened with a love for this country and a compassion for these people. We couldn’t just return to our comfortable lives, knowing that the people we had met and grown to love were struggling simply to survive. So we thought, "What if?" Read More

"You can't have a perfect day without doing something for someone who'll never be able to repay you"
~John Wooden

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YOU can make a difference in a family or small community. A donation of just $65 will purchase a water filter that will provide clean, pure drinking water to a small community for years.

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Just One: Africa, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) non profit organization. Our organization was approved by the IRS on June 8th, 2013. Click here to review the document.
We have recently changed our name from Just One Foundation to Just One: Africa.
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It takes Just One to make a difference. Please join us in helping widows and orphans who live in extreme poverty overcome these obstacles and become self-sufficient members of their communities.